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Motherhood is lonely

You're a mom, and you know exactly what I'm talking about. Remember that moment when you left the hospital with your first baby? It was terrifying, wasn't it? Holding your precious baby in your arms, knowing you couldn't call a nurse every ten minutes for help. All us moms felt a multitude of emotions that were overwhelming, heavy, and scary. And those feelings of loneliness and overwhelm have stuck around in some form or another for years. As you're reading these words, staring at this screen, remembering those emotions, you're starting to discover that you are feeling some of that loneliness right now.

We are all on our personal journey to feel less overwhelmed and more empowered. Imagine there was a space where you could come to connect with other moms and also become individually empowered. Alongside other moms,  discover together the power that is already inside you - and that it's enough; more than that, it's amazing.

Doing yoga with other moms is one tool to connect with other moms, while tapping into that internal strength. As a non-profit devoted to preventing and healing the emotional casualties of motherhood, we have started with yoga as a tool to help you connect with moms so you feel less lonely, while connecting with the power inside you so you feel more empowered.

Here and Now Motherhood is here to assist you on your journey to realizing that everything you need is truly already inside you. Our everyday culture beautifully emphasizes getting inspiration from an external source. Yoga adds to this by emphasizing  getting inspiration from an internal source. We can tap into both of these types of inspiration. It's empowering to know that everything you need is already inside you; coming to our mom-centered yoga classes will help you discover that. In addition, our classes are designed to connect you to the other moms there, as well as to connect you to your inner guiding light.

"This has helped provide my busy mind a quiet and calming moment each week, and reduces my stress levels. I'm filling my cup!

— Postpartum yoga student


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