What is Mom-Centered Yoga?

Designed for real moms

Mom-centered yoga is my way of supporting moms. As a mom, your life revolves around small people and that can be stressful, amazing, overwhelming, fun, lonely, fantastic, and heavy. At our mom-centered yoga classes, the yoga teacher focuses on you as a mother and helps you connect to your inner guru - that part of you that gives inner wisdom and inspiration - and connect you to other moms. Mom-centered yoga applies Kundalini yoga principles, where we focus becoming acquainted with our soul, the deep part of you that has it all together and is waiting for you to ask for help. Everything you need is already inside you, mom-centered yoga is about you realizing that for yourself.


Our prenatal and postpartum mom-centered yoga classes are designed to alleviate discomfort in four areas of your life. You can expect improvement in these areas of your life:

1. Working through trauma, both relate to birth and trauma from other life experiences. Our teachers are trauma informed and you can rest assured they will support you as you process and work through your trauma. I worked with a therapist doing EMDR and yoga (as well as Ayurveda) was the extra piece of the puzzle that excelerated my healing. Our yoga is designed to provide that for you as well. Believe it or not, a lot of us have trauma that our bodies can heal for us. Mom-centered yoga creates a safe space where you can work through this trauma with your body, which is your most useful tool in your healing.

2. Physical pain. Our postpartum and prenatal classes are designed while keeping in mind the unique needs of each chapter of motherhood - our prenatal and postpartum classes are not the same because our bodies are different in each of these chapters. To read about my story of how yoga alleviated my pain postpartum, click here. 

3. Making your mind work for you. We use Ayurvedic principles in our mom-centered yoga classes to pacify the vata dosha. An aggravated vata dosha in postpartum translates into lower back discomfort, constipation, painful intercourse, racing mind, "mommy brain," scanty sleep, not being able to focus, and feeling lonely. Everything about our yoga classes is designed to be relaxing, calming, rejuvenating, and to pacify vata - aka, calm the mind. After having my son, my mind wasn't working the way I wanted it to. Our yoga is designed to help your mind work the way you want it to, which makes your postpartum journey more enjoyable.

4. More connection, less loneliness. At the end of each of our yoga class, we do an exercise called Mother's Breath, which you can see an image of above. Your teacher will walk you through a guided meditation that is designed in every way to help you feel more connected to the other mothers. As a new mom, I felt tired and lonely - like I didn't have the energy to start up a conversation with other moms. Mother's Breath is designed to give you that feeling of connection to other mothers without having to expend the emotional energy to speak to them. Then, on a day where you do have the energy, feel free to strike up a conversation after class. 

My outcome for these classes is to make your transition into motherhood more enjoyable than it was for me. I can't wait to meet you!


Nicole Hunt

Founder, Here and Now Motherhood