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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

If you took me up on my advice to visit Kamela chocolate or Lazy Lady Bakes in a previous blog post, then you may have visited the farmer’s market recently. On the first three Saturdays of the month, Here and Now Motherhood provides a mobile bottle feeding and breastfeeding tent for mothers at the Johnson City Farmer's Market called the Lactation Station! Keep an eye out for it next time you are there!

We’re all about supporting moms, and in this case we took it literally - we literally have your back with comfy rocking chairs that are perfect for feeding your baby and escaping the heat as you peruse the farmer’s market.

The name “Lactation Station” is a nod to breastfeeding, but we don’t care how you use this space - please, make yourself at home as a mother. We’re not concerned how you feed your baby, we just want to provide a space for you to get that baby fed!

There’s nothing wrong with feeding your baby in public, so we didn’t want to close any mothers off by having opaque curtains. Instead we have beautiful, flowing, lace curtains to provide mothers with some privacy but not to hide them. Plus, you feel like the queen you are when you sit in a tent with lace curtains.

We also provide water for your convenience at the Lactation Station. I know what it’s like to all of sudden become insanely thirsty while nursing, so grab a cup full, settle in, and feed that baby! While you’re hanging out in the tent, feel free to turn on the fan provided - Tennessee summers can get hot and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

As many parts of the Lactation Station were recycled as possible - the sign itself is made from an old pallet, hand painted by our CEO and founder, Nicole Hunt. One of the chairs was a previously loved chair, and the tent itself was previously used by the BABE Breastfeeding coalition!

You can find promotional information from our partners in the Lactation Station, companies and organizations that are there to support you as a mother. From doulas to breastfeeding, these people want to help you feel supported and to help you feel successful as a mother. Feel free to take any of the promotional materials in the tent to peruse later. In addition, you can pick up coupons for $3 yoga! Here and Now Motherhood provides postpartum, prenatal, and kid’s yoga, so grab a coupon and try out your first class for only $3.

We had the pleasure of working with four local organization to make this happen for you. High Country Doulas, Start in Love labor doula, the Nursing Nook, The Village Pediatrics and Breastfeeding Medicine, and the BABE Breastfeeding Coalition (a local breastfeeding support group) all made financial or in-kind donations to create this home away from home so you can feel comfortable feeding your baby.

The Lactation Station will also be set up for your convenience at the Meet the Mountains festival on August 23-24, 2019.

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