Sweet Treat Roundup in Johnson City, TN

I may be a yoga teacher, but I still need a treat now and then. I’m all about “all things in moderation” because that’s more realistic to me than never eating a grain of sugar again (i’ve tried that, it didn’t exactly work out). If you’re like me and sometimes just need a little treat, here are a few ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Kamella Chocolate

A few years ago I watched a special on Netflix called “Cooked.” Michael Pollan challenges the viewers to try making something that you always assumed you would just buy from the store. Inspired by one of the segments, I tried making ricotta cheese. It was way easier than I imagined! Inspired, I told my husband that I wanted to try making chocolate.

My husband but on his chemical engineer hat and explained that the chocolate industry is a 1 billion dollar industry and it is extremely complicated to get it to the right state, at the right temperature, at the right time. In short, making chocolate sounds cool but it’s really, really complicated.

When I found out that Kjirsten and Will made their own chocolate, I was flabbergasted -  then I tasted it and I was amazed. They order the beans, roast them, grind them, combine them with sugar, and viola! Chocolate! Literally all that is in their chocolate bars are chocolate and cane sugar.  The thing that makes their chocolate bars taste different is that they source their beans from different regions and countries; for example, their Guatemala bar tastes like raspberry lemonade even though it’s only made of cacao beans and sugar. It’s totally crazy and totally delicious!

They also make bars with espresso and cacao nibs if you like something mixed into your chocolate. And they have a few more bars up their sleeve, so keep an eye on them!

On top of that, Kamella chocolate uses recycled paper to wrap their chocolate bars in. They don’t ship their bars, further reducing their environmental footprint.

You can taste their chocolate every Saturday at the Johnson City Farmer’s Market!

Lazy Lady Bakes

While you’re at the farmer’s market, my favorite baked goods there are from Lazy Lady Bakes. I have heard people talking about Lazy Lady Bakes for a while, so I made sure that we stopped by on our last trip to the farmer’s market.

The flavors Maren incorporates into her baking are inventive and delicious. We grabbed her cardamon buns and her blueberry lavender scones and devoured them after making a lap around the farmers market. By the time we came back around, we had to buy a couple more of her baked goods.

Maren’s cardamom were definitely my favorite. I have been kind of obsessed with cardamom lately, adding it to tea and desserts, so I was so happy to get something at the farmer’s market that included it! From an Ayurvedic perspective, cardamom is great for digestion, especially in reducing bloating and gas.   

Lazy Lady Bakes is at the farmer’s market on Saturdays in Johnson City. She posts on her instagram page what she will be selling that weekend.

The Cookie Crate/ Mimis creamery

We kept hearing amazing things about Mimis Creamery, and we always saw their food truck at the Johnson City first Friday concerts in Founders Park. The company is owned and operated by a husband-wife duo, Jon and Maegen.

When my husband finally was patient enough to wait in the long, eager line, he arrived at the food truck and realized that he didn’t have his wallet. These people are SO nice that they gave my husband a free helping just because he waited in that long line. (I’m not suggesting you do that, of course.) I was so impressed by their kindness!

One of the perks of Mimis Creamery is that they use Bluebell Ice cream. I mean, come on. That’s delicious stuff. Their cookies are fantastic as well - it’s a family recipe from Jon’s mother.

I recently discovered that Mimis ships their cookies! You can order their cookies and they are delivered to your door. Talk about perfect. Their cookies are available for order online.

Aunt Ruth’s Donuts

Am I even allowed to write this post without mentioning Aunt Ruth’s Donuts? When we moved to Johnson City everyone told us to try these donuts. Their lines for their food truck are always insanely long, and for a good reason! When we finally got the courage to wait in the line (you can see I’m not very patient, obviously) I was so impressed at how they did an amazing job at speeding everyone though the line so you don’t have to wait very long.

Aunt Ruth’s donuts and pretzels are amazingly gigantic. Now, I am a regular connoisseur of the elegant Sam’s Club pretzels. I always get my own and don’t share with my husband because, well, it’s mine and its yummy. So it will interest you to know that these pretzels are big enough to split- between all three people in our family! My husband, son, and I split a pretzel last time we were at the farmer’s market and I was amazed.

You can visit their Facebook page to see where their food truck will be next!

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