Volunteer Training


Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Follow the steps below to complete your training and start volunteering in our free childcare.

Step 1: Background Check

Here and Now Motherhood uses a third party to complete background checks. Fill out two pages here and email them to our founder Nicole at nicole@hereandnowmotherhood.org.


Here and Now Motherhood will split the cost of a background check with you. Use our donation option here to make a $17.50 donation to help cover the cost of your background check. If this is a financial burden for you, please reach out to our volunteer coordinator; We do not want money to prevent you from volunteering.

It usually takes about 48 business hours to receive the results of the background check.

If you are not comfortable providing your personal information to Here and Now Motherhood, you can use a service like IdentoGO.com to get fingerprinted. If you choose this route, provide your results to Here and Now Motherhood via email or another method that is convenient for you. You will pay for the total cost of fingerprinting.

Step 2: Training Video and Quiz

Watch the video below. Pay attention to our 5 rules for childcare. At the end of the video, take the quiz on what our 5 rules for childcare are.

Video Training Quiz

Thanks for submitting!

Thank you!

Thank you for completing your training! After we get the background check results, will receive an email with details on how to sign up for your first shift. Please reach out with any questions at volunteer@hereandnowmotherhood.org