Where do my donations go?

Because we value transparancy

We do everything we can to keep our budget as lean as possible. Our child development specialist who watches your kids during yoga is either a committed volunteer or a paid worker, depending on the class. The person in this position is there to nurture your kids while you nurture yourself. 

Our first expense goes to the Memorial Park Community Center for letting us use their space. For every $10 you spend on a yoga class, they keep $3 for the Community Center in order to pay for electricity etc.

Advertising and business expansion is an additional expense, because obviously we desire to spread the love to every mom in Johnson City. We have a fantastic intern and a professional advertiser who volunteer and make this possible. We wouldn't be able to do it without them! The money we do spend on advertising is used for things like printing posters. We spend no more than $50 a month on advertising.

Additional expenses are business-related expenses; we do our very best to keep these to a minimum so your money can be used elsewhere. We shop around to make sure insurance ($25/month), email hosting ($18/month), and website hosting ($20/month) are as cheap as we can get them. We reserve $30 a month for miscellaneous expenses. 

When you add that all up, we run Here and Now Motherhood on a budget of under $250 a month! 

You'll notice a glaring thing missing: our paychecks! We are blessed that we don't need more income. For now we desire to give every spare cent to expansion of Here and Now Motherhood. The above expenses are funded by our mom-centered yoga classes.

When you make a donation to a project, your funds stay in that project so you know how your money is spent. Information on our expansion projects are listed below.

Mom-Centered Yoga

We are currently raising money for our mom-centered yoga program. Learn more about momc-centered yoga here. Donations towards this cause will purchase yoga props for prenatal and postpartum moms. It's especially important in prenatal yoga to have enough blankets, bolsters, and blocks available to keep mom comfy and baby safe. Postpartum moms need that too!

Pregnant mixed race woman meditating on

Lactation Station

Funded for 2019!

While visiting outdoor events like the farmers market nursing moms often have to find inconvenient places to nurse. The Lactation Station is a portable nursing lounge under a cool canopy that provides comfortable nursing chairs, a diaper changing table, and other needed amenities to support moms who are out and about - especially recently postpartum moms. When donating to this cause you will help purchase the items needed to provide this to mothers.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Mommy Lounge

Our goal is to open up our own center where mothers can come and connect, while their children play. This center would offer services to mothers like our mom-centered yoga classes, as well as age-appropriate toy stations for kids, Fertility Awareness Method classes, and events to connect mothers. Your donations to this cause would help us open our own doors!

Confetti Storm

Ready to make a donation to our 501(c)3 and make a difference?